July 17, 2011


After months of prodding and nagging, BF finally decided to try on suits in earnest this weekend. We did go shopping while we were in the States, but he's such a little diva, he wasn't really happy with any of the suits that he tried on. 

Today, I was dragged to Louis Copeland's, which is the only suit shop either of us know (besides Brown Thomas). Randomly, when we were in Israel, we met two girls who after learning we lived in Ireland mentioned that their great, great, great grand dad opened the Louis Copeland store. Random!

Anyways, after literally 5 minutes in the store, the sales person sized up BF, grabbed a black suit and got him into a dressing room. 15 minutes later, we were out the door with an alteration ticket in hand to pick the suit up next week. How easy was that! BF ended up with a black Italian Canali suit which apparently is THE top suit designer...sure, sure, tell us anything, just get us out of here... clearly the sales person had easy prey when we walked in.

On a cross-things-off-our-wedding-to-do list high, we got home and ordered ties for BF and the groomsmen too.

For the Groom!

For the Groom's men! 

Yeah! More things checked off the list!


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