July 15, 2011

Boy or girl?

No, no... I'm not talking about babies... I'm talking about wedding invitations!

My lovely sister/Matron of Honour has been amazing this week - working on calligraphy for my invitations. How lucky am I? However, she has been sending me hilarious emails asking if my guests are boys or girls. To be fair to her, before I moved to Ireland, I couldn't pronounce many of the following names much less know the gender!

Eoghan (Boy)
Eadaoin (Girl)
Diarmuid (Boy)
Adrian (Boy)
Jaime (Boy)- those last two would be questionable regardless.


But happy days! It's all been sorted, and the invites are being dropped in the mail today! One more thing down!


K said...

Haha! So how DO you pronounced those names?!

utran28 said...

Hey K! How are you?

They are actually pretty common but the spelling is something else!

Eoghan - Owen
Eadaoin - A-deen
Diarmuid - Dermot

Easy peasy! :)

Hope you're well! x

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