July 19, 2011

Weekend Recap

Not only did I help BF finalise his wedding outfit, I also found some time to booze it up with my lady friends for our linner get together. Linner is actually one of my favorite things in the whole world- boozy lunch that leads into a late night of drinking? Yes please!

We started at Chez Max, and I can't get over how adorable this place is. I always forget about it as an option for food, but every time I go, I swear I'm going to become a regular. It's a cute little French Bistro with a lovely back garden. We were relatively lucky at first with the sun warming our faces, but then there was a major downpour. No big deal for this little bistro as they have a roof to pull over their garden. Lovely!

We started off fancy with some Champagne.


And had some fresh baguettes with meats and cheeses

How cute are the French flags?!
After a large steak frites dinner, creme brulee and multiple bottles of wine, we got kicked out it was time to go to our next stop.

Now I can't remember the name of this cute little pub, but it was just around the corner from Chez Max's. It's a pub with a snug! I had never heard of this before, but apparently, it's a little private section in the bar that was once used for secret rendez-vous or for ladies to have drinks in when they weren't allowed to be seen in a pub. This pub was full of little "sections" and the one we got was ADORABLE.

Locked in for privacy

In the snug 

Happy Guinness 


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