October 1, 2013

The cutest/scariest thing in the world

I was lucky enough to be able to stop over in NYC during my world-wind trip through the states to see both my sisters and their partners (the one in Chicago flew to NYC). But... the best person I saw during my trip.... My little bear! 

She's so adorable, no? But....she's also the SCARIEST thing ever, because meeting her for the first time was like a smack in face. She's a great baby, but babies need to be taken care of ALL THE TIME. I mean I knew this, but reality set in when I met her (and I didn't even have to feed her or change her diaper) While I'm so excited about having a baby (and have the shopping to prove it), I don't know how ready am I to be a mom. It will be such a change from having a set schedule with work to having to do whatever this little one wants. Only 9 more weeks!  


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