October 7, 2013

Family Time

Two weeks ago, I was super lucky to be able to see my family and spend two glorious weeks in California before stopping in New York city. I also ate ALOT, became a tourist in my own country and even managed to catch a comedy show that my sister was hosting in NYC. So much fun!

It's weeks like these that make me really, really wish I lived closer to everyone!

Exploring San Fran with the family 

Chinatown, SF. SUCH GOOD FOOD. 
Although, every Asian restaurant that I went to was better then the ones here in Dublin) 

New York Trip 

My first Circle Line cruise around New York Harbor 
(This was the child-friendly edition.) 

My buddy! 

Lady Liberty! 

Dinner with my Three (!!!!!) favorite babies 

Sister time at the comedy festival with the star of the show on the right!


Cute mom and baby! 


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