October 9, 2013

{8 months- 32 weeks}

I can't believe how fast this whole pregnancy thing is going! I've only got 8 more weeks to go which feels strangely far away, but also I can't believe it's coming so soon.

Clearly made an effort to get dolled up for this pic ;) 

  • I've finally been grounded by the airlines. Hubby and I are settling in and relaxing in Dublin for the next couple of weeks. The nursery has been 90% ready for some time now, and all the baby clothes are washed and ready to go. I want to buy stuff like diapers and baby wash and organise the hospital bag, but hubby thinks we should wait so that bulky items aren't sitting around in our tiny birdhouse sized home.
  • I'm having major judgement issues. I try to squeeze into/through places that are normally fine and my poor bump keeps getting bumped. 
  • We're starting our antenatal classes today. Very excited (really?) to learn about labour/midwives and how to change baby diapers (not really.) 
  • I've been reading loads of books while relaxing. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way! 
  • Fall TV- Love/Hate is back on RTE hurray! And we finally got Netflix (like it's 2005- woop!). We're into Breaking Bad (up to season 2) and have a list a mile long of series to watch. 
  • Also American football (Go Eagles!), World series (Go Red Sox!) and football is back on. BLISS! 
  • If anyone has recommendations on things to do before, we have baby I'm all ears! 


andrea said...

You look adorable! You know you can fly until at least 36 weeks on almost all airlines, right? You may not want to but wanted to make sure you knew!


The Ramblings of a Thirtysomething Wife said...

You look fabulous! I am a bit behind, so maybe you have already shown them, but I am excited to see pics of the nursery!

Suggestions before baby: Go see as many movies as you can, get as many mani/pedis as you can, make an appointment to get your hair done just before baby is scheduled to arrive (I had my first son in February and didn't get my hair cut/highlighted until the following October), NAP!, learn how to use all the baby contraptions (we spent 20 minutes in the hospital room trying to figure out how to strap him into the car seat!), put batteries in everyting - swing, bouncy seat, excersaucer, etc., take long showers/baths as often as possible,Deep clean the house as close to your due date as possible so you don't have to worry about it being baby-friendly :)

Something to do AFTER baby is born - EAT OUT as often as you want. When they are young and sleeping all the time, that is the best time to enjoy going out. Once they start spending more time awake than asleep, it gets harder and harder.

It's weird because everyone says that having a brand spanking newborn makes your life crazy. Maybe we were lucky, but I was honestly BORED the first few weeks after having our oldest. All he did was eat and sleep (which he did A LOT). Thankfully my husband was home that first week so I had someone to talk to :) I look back at these first few weeks and feel so blessed to have the time to relax and just enjoy it.

Ly said...

@ Andrea. Thanks for your lovely comment. Sometimes, I don't feel so adorable :) My two airlines Aer Lingus and Ryan air have different policies with Ryanair going until 36 weeks, but I'm DONE :) Looking forward to nesting now!

Ly said...

@ Ms. Thirtysomething Wife. Thanks for the suggestions. It's funny you said you were bored, because that's what I'm most concerned about. :) My family is coming over for about a month so hopefully they will keep me entertained! :) xo

P.S. Will finish up the last minute nursery stuff this weekend (hopefully) and will post pics definitely.

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