July 18, 2013

Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

We actually arrived in Croatia the day that it was officially inducted into the EU - really cool to experience history! They had a massive party in Zagreb, the capital, the evening before which we unfortunately missed.

In the EU! 

We took full advantage of the city after checking into our hostel where the- check in person asked if we were gonna join the beer pong tournament and pub crawl later. Guess, hubby, forgot we weren't 18-year old backpackers anymore. After checking out our BUNK BEDS (seriously, glamorous!), we headed to the city park to have our picnic lunch and check out the zoo. It's a lovely quiet spot to get away from the city. 

Where all the romance happens... 

 Strange looking local turtles

Town Square 

Al fresco drinking! 

The very next day, we headed to the Plitvice Lakes which I highly recommend. It was about 2 hours bus journey from Zagreb and was so lovely, it seemed fake! The waters are so blue and refreshing looking, it felt like Disneyland. BTW, while it looked like the perfect place to pop in for a swim, it's not allowed :( 


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