July 17, 2013


We left on my birthday to head over to Slovenia, and I had one of those brilliant days that makes my life seem super glamorous but wasn't really :)

Breakfast in Dublin, Lunch in Brussels (airport), Dinner in Ljubljana 

We arrived in Ljubljiana and was sadly disappointed with the weather. Rainy and 14 degrees- Not sure why we left Dublin! But the old city was lovely, and we walked around the town enjoying the little shops and cafes. 

City Mascot- Dragons 

Wearing every warm piece of clothing I brought with me 

After visiting, Ljublijiana, we headed the next day to Lake Bled where the scenery and the weather improved. It was GORGEOUS! We checked into a lovely little swiss-chalet like hotel and spent the days rowing on the lake (me-sitting, hubby-rowing), hiking the Julian Alps (me-huffing and puffing, hubby-sprinting along) and biking to the Vintgar Gorges (me- complaining, hubby -yelling). Good times were had by all! 

Our lovely little hotel 

Apparently not too happy, I'm just sitting there! 

 Beautiful Lake Bled 

Lake Bled at night 

Along the Julian Alps 

Zoom! (Happy before hitting the hills!) 

Vintgar Gorges and Waterfall 

Vintgar Gorges 

Next stop- Croatia! - Zagreb and Plitvic Lakes! 


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