July 22, 2013

18 weeks in Hvar

While I wish the title meant we were lounging along the Adriatic sea for 18 weeks, it's actually something more exciting! Baby Bump turned 18 weeks while we were in Hvar. HURRAY! :)

I've had a lovely little pregnancy so far with no morning sickness and minimal tiredness (except when Hubby forced me to bike ride up hills in Slovenia). Just a little update of how things are going so far.

How Far Along: 20 weeks! Half way there! Little baby is about the size of a banana. (I think it so weird that babies are compared to fruits throughout this 40 week period).

Cravings: Pretzels of all varieties (both hard and soft) both of which are hard to come by in Ireland :( Watermelons. I could eat them all day!

Weirdest Food Aversion: Chicken. I went off chicken during my first trimester and still can't look at it. 

Sleep: Lots of it. Naps too in the sun on the day bed. BLISS! 

Kicks: Yes! Started about two weeks ago which only I've been able to feel, but last night, Hubby may  have gotten a kick from the little one. 

Gender: We find out this week!!! I'm DYING to know as I want to start shopping for clothes and nursery items. 

Maternity Clothes: Kind of. I've only gained a bit of weight so all my normal clothes still fit. However, I bought some maternity stuff this past week and it's WAY more comfortable. I'm mixing and matching at the moment. 

Nesting: Yes. Loads! We cleaned out and organised closets this weekend. All items have been removed from the future nursery and loads of pinning has been done. Once we find out the gender, we'll be painting the room this week or next. 

Missing: Day Drinking. I went to loads of weddings and hen parties while in my first and second trimester and I don't mind not drinking at these events. Actually, I felt smug and virtuous the next day when everyone is hung -over, and I'm fresh as a daisy. I really miss day drinking though...sitting out in the sun with friends, a cocktail and some cured meats, soft cheese and oysters (all banned items) 

Highlight of the week: This week's ultrasound which will tell us if we're having a boy or girl. Also, registering for Junior Infants class for the baby...That's Kindergarden for the US Folks. KINDERGARDEN! The baby isn't even born yet. Crazy! 


LizDidIt said...

This is the most exciting thing I have read in a while. I can't wait to find out what you're having!

Ly said...

Aww...Thanks Missy! I'll definitely send you an email tomorrow!!! xo

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