July 10, 2013

Travel Schedule

We're back from Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro and had the most amazing time. The weather was fab, the food was great and many, many books were read! Below was our slightly crazy itinerary for our 11 day trip. Hubby and I get bored if we're in one place for too long so hopped about quite a bit.

1. Ljubliana, Slovenia
2. Lake Bled, Slovenia
3. Zagreb, Croatia
4. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
5. Split, Croatia (just a short stop before heading to Hvar)
6. Hvar, Croatia
7. 30 minutes in Bosnia (Does this count? I bought food and used their facilities. That counts, as seeing the whole country, no?)
8. Dubvronik, Croatia
9. Kotar, Montenegro

WHEW! It sounds like a lot of traveling and would be tiring, but to be honest, it was just the right pace for us. I'll be following up shortly with all the lovely things we did in each place.


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