April 9, 2013

Giant's Causeway

After our lovely time in Belfast, we headed up the coast to check out the Giant's causeway. The legend behind the area-  Giant Finn Mac Curnhaill built this little pathway to get to Scotland. There was a "meeting" with a Scottish giant and the causeway is the way it is today because of the meeting. You can find the full story here. 

I really loved it there! Hubby and I arrived around lunch time and conveniently enough, there was a pub that was showing the Liverpool game at the same time. (How funny that Hubby timed that so perfectly!). We ended up having a lovely seafood chowder at The Nook, right by the causeway. It was sooo cozy with the fireplace, the food and the football.

Cozy fireplace 

Walk to the Giant's Causeway 

Gorgeous sea view! 

 Lovely rock formations 

We walked to the Giant's causeway, then up along the cliffs. It was lovely. After our walk, we drove along the coast to the Carrick-a-rede bridge. I thought it was going to be super "Indiana Jones and the temple of doom" long, but it was not so bad. What was bad though? The wind. I thought it was going to tip the bridge over. SCARY! The man in front of us was crossing while carrying a little baby in his arms (with no carrier or the baby strapped to him!). Thankfully they made it across.

From this area, you could actually see Scotland! I doubted Hubby when he said this, but when we went home and looked it up, he was right (for once!). 

I highly recommend Belfast as a quick 2 day trip from Dublin! 


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