April 10, 2013


It started with just a little bit of rot on the deck. Not even the size of a quarter. It was time to change the deck in the backyard. From there, we decided, well... while we're at it, we should probably update the shed as well.

After picking out the shed (with French doors!), the shed people explained the process of delivering it to our house. Since our alleyway from the front to the back was blocked by the oil boiler shed, they would have to go through our house. 

This, my friends, was fine with me. But apparently, this meant it was probably time to knock down the oil shed and change to gas. Funny how one little bit of rot transforms into a major house transformation! 

The work started this week and since I was working from home today, I was surrounded by the chaos.

The goods 

The dusty kitchen 

I can't wait for the work to be finished this week! I'll definitely post some before and after pictures. 


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