April 7, 2013

Belfast- Easter weekend

Since we had Monday and Friday off for the Easter holiday, Hubby and I decided to head up North to check out Belfast. Hubby has never been and even though I went with the girls, I saw mostly the inside of the hotel, a couple restaurants and the bar across from our hotel (boozers).

Belfast is a quick two hour drive, and we arrived around noon. Just in time for lunch! We grabbed some sandwiches but the shop we stopped into had all kinds of AMERICAN goodies (Aunt Jemima, Lucky Charms, Synder's pretzels, etc). I want to grab things just because I could. HA! 


After lunch, we booked a Black Cab tour to learn about the Troubles. It was really, really interesting but our particular tour guide was really hard to follow. Hubby is very interested in history so knew a lot about it and was asking questions left and right. In an effort to prove, he knew more then hubby, he was throwing out random facts left and right, and I just couldn't follow. I do recommend taking a Black cab tour when you're in Belfast, just don't bring a know-it-all with you, and you'll enjoy it much more! 


Leaving our mark on the Peace walls. 
(Just noticed there we signed it for April and not March- HA!)

Bobby Sands Memorial

View of Belfast from Victoria's Square

It's quite a small city so we managed to check everything out within a day. Next stop- Giant's Causeway! 


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