October 22, 2012

Graystones to Bray Cliff Walk

It was a glorious fall weekend here in Dublin! BF and I met up with some new pals for dinner on Friday night which was good fun. We relaxed (and I went shopping) on Saturday. On Sunday, we took advantage of the lovely weather and did the Graystones to Bray Cliff walk. 

The walk is 12km total. We cheated and parked in Bray, took the DART to Graystones and walked only one way from Graystones to Bray. It was glorious and we ended up having a picnic along the path. (There were not that many areas along the path that you can take a picnic BTW. We had to climb a bit to get to a place where we could eat off the path.) 

We ended back in Bray and I would highly recommend a visit here. It's a quaint seaside town with candyfloss and ice cream vendors, seaside restaurants and a long esplanade. 

Beach in Bray 

View of the coast from the DART to Graystones 

Making new friends while shopping for picnic food 

At the start of the walk. That's Hubby's pink bike and helmet. Tee hee. 

Along the path 

Along the path 

My mini apple pie at our picnic spot! 

Sky high ice cream in Bray 


Michelle said...

Hey, we had a good time Friday too! Thanks for the mention/link :)

Anonymous said...

That's the way to do it. When the Ballybrack scouts go out they catch the DART first as well :P

Ly said...

I don't feel THAT bad then for being a bit lazy :)

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