October 17, 2012

Blue Peg

Hubby and I keep track of where we've been on a map in our office. Here she is. 

( BTW, that office feels like a school room -between the color of that dreadful paint (a rushed decision) and the large world map. I've thought about changing the color but I'm entirely too lazy to re-do it). 

Our Travel Map

The red pegs are places both Hubby and I have been to (not necessarily together). The green pegs are places that Hubby has been to and the blue pegs are places that I have been to. 

Last week... a big thing happened....I FINALLY got my own blue peg. Before that there was no where that I had been that Hubby had not been. And the blue peg goes to.... Northern Ireland which is funny considering it's part of Hubby's homeland  (ish, kind of, maybe, depending on who you talk to). 

My lone blue peg 


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