October 16, 2012


It seems like ages ago, but last weekend, the gals and I headed to Belfast to celebrate a dear friend's 30th birthday. I highly recommend a trip to Belfast if you're visiting Ireland and decide to base yourself in Dublin. The train only took two hours so technically you could do it in a day (if you woke up VERY early and stayed until late).

We started the party early and may have had one or two drinks on the train.

Complete with creepy clown straw! 

After the quick train ride, we cabbed it over to our hotel which I HIGHLY recommend! We stayed at the Merchant hotel.  We got a lovely package that included two nights stay in the most lovely, comfy bed ever, a DELICIOUS three course dinner, two yummy and relatively healthy breakfasts. The location is great and right across the street from the hip clubs (or so we were told).

A short tour of the hotel!

Stand alone tub in our enormous bath room.  
Monogram on the shower - Matches my last name :) 
My adorable roomie on one of the comfy beds 

Our make up area :) 

After settling in, we had some celebratory drinks before heading to our delicious dinner.
Happy Birthday Champagne 

The ladies - missing on gal on the right :( 

A deliciously spicy Moscow Mule

Fancy Chairs with handles on the side - We were so easily impressed. 

Our swan dessert 

In da club 

After a night of raucous dancing and before our breakfast, my roomie and I decided to relax in the outside hot tub. How gorgeous! Sadly the water was FREEZING as the tub wasn't working. Boo! We still got a kick out of breathing in the fresh air. 

So cold!

 Our next day wasn't as crazy. We spent it walking around Belfast- shopping and eating (trying to get the cobwebs out of our heads).  Below are the sites we saw (besides the shops).

View of Belfast from the tower in Victoria Mall 

Our hotel 

Statue by City Hall 

After the night before, I really wanted to take it handy and stay in watching Dancing with the Stars with a cup of tea, but we ended up heading to a lovely restaurant for dinner and settling into a nice quiet pub for the evening. 



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