August 30, 2012

U.S.S.R. Food

As a foodie, I love traveling to try out different things. We definitely got our fill of strange food items during our trip.

Eel in Riga. I've had eel in sushi before, but this was a massive eel.
It was only ok. 

We're going on a bear hunt!
We didn't order this, but it's kinda nuts it's on the menu. 

Black Russian Caviar.
2,500 Euros for that bottom tin. Ekks! 

Cheap date!
Caviar and pancakes - a traditional Russian meal and no where near 2,500 euros 

Russian Vodka

Down in one like the Russians 

Oh god. Reminds me of my freshman year in college 

Reindeer meatballs in Helsinki 


Rose said...

Love those Russian vodka faces :) Glad to see you've been having some nice travels!

utran28 said...

Haha, Rose!

It was like being a freshmen in college all over again and pretending to like alcohol even though it was not nice! :)

How's the new job treating you?

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