August 30, 2012


After walking all over St. Petersburg, Hubby and I flew over to Helsinki. The town is small, and we covered all of it on the first day. We spent our second day on Suomenlinna Island which was GLORIOUS!

We also got very lucky as it was the 200th Birthday Celebration of Helsinki. We were treated to a "Night of Arts" and saw hundreds of large dominos being knocked over followed by the strangest concert/performance art. They were also having a beer fest. Amazing!

The hotel we stayed in which was a former prison  
Cool benches in front of the design museum 

Town Square- getting ready for the domino show

Can you see us on the big screen?
Check the bottom corner on the left. 

I knocked them down! 

Happy Birthday! 

On the ferry to Suomenlinna Island 

On the Island 

The boots!!! 

Amazing reading spot 

Group shot! 

Walking the cliffs
Not recommended activity in a maxi dress! 

Beerfest in the sun! 


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