April 8, 2012

Neon 17

After the driving test diaster, I just need a cocktail and some girlfriend chats to forget my sorrows. Luckily, I had a date with some gals at the new Neon 17 on Camden street.  It's a cute place, and their  concept is "Asian Street Food". I checked out the menu before going and ...they had Vietnamese PHO!!!!

I had very very low expectations and I was right to go in with low expectations :)

This is what a normal bowl of pho looks like

And this was Dublin's answer to Pho

Um... not really the same at all. It was like a bowl of pad thai in soup. However, it was only 5.50 Euro and was filling. If you weren't expecting Pho, this would be a delicious bowl of soup. 

The restaurant was basically an upscale take away. You went to the counter and ordered food and then they bring it to you in take-away containers. However, there were bowls in the middle of the table so you didn't have to eat out of the take away containers. A bonus... every meal comes with a soft serve ice cream cone (random, but I'll take it!) Overall, it was good value for money and helped me forget how silly I was earlier in the day. 


Michelle said...

My husband and I just moved over from San Francisco to Dublin last Monday. We've been reading your blog and were just talking this afternoon about finding Pho over here....this is disappointing!

utran28 said...

Hi Michelle!

Welcome to Dublin! Hope the moving- in process is going ok for you.

So depressing about the Pho, I can't even begin to tell you. There's no other place for it. I've been thinking about attempting my mom's recipe but a bit scared to try :) I'll let you know how it goes.


Christine said...

Thesta vsestrOh, that is SOOO diappointing about the pho. I read a review of that restaurant a few weeks ago and it's been on my list. We moved here from the Washington DC area and were never more than two miles from a good bowl of pho!

utran28 said...

Hi Christine. Hope you're enjoying Dublin. So very different from DC, isn't it?

I would still recommend Neon as it's pretty decent just not really for pho. Also, I've found that in Dublin Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean is lumped under "Asian". tee heee....

The most authentic restaurants are on Capel Street on the north side....still no pho though :(

Michelle said...

We went to Neon last Saturday, I just blogged about it and linked back to your blog/post! http://ledermankitchen.blogspot.com/2012/04/neon-asian-street-food.html

Adventures of a Technogypsie said...

I can totally relate. I'm a new transfer to Dublin as well and really in dire quest for some good Pho. I did enjoy Neon especially for its price, the ice cream, and the large dish.

Adventures of a Technogypsie said...

I can totally relate. No decent Pho here in Dublin. I too am a transplant from America. I miss that. Did enjoy Neon nonetheless - good amount of food for a affordable price, ice cream, and quick.

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