April 9, 2012

Good Friday

Ireland is funny.

On Good Friday, all bars and alcohol stores are closed and people here FREAK OUT! Holy Thursday is one of the busiest nights out because after midnight, you won't be able to drink again until Friday at midnight. 24 Hours without booze, and the Irish can't handle it - talk about stereotypes :)

Alcohol stores are super busy on Holy Thursdays, and this one was no exception. People stocked up to make sure they didn't run out of drink. Not gonna lie, we did the same. Ready for our Good Friday BBQ!

First time trying Grapefruit vodka. Highly recommended!

Seems a bit scarilegious, no? This was part of my little BBQ spread. I'll follow up with another post on recipes that were used. 

Mini Burgers and Pasta salad. So very summery! 

Nom Nom Nom 
It was a lovely Good Friday with good food, good drinks and good friends! We drank until midnight and thought about going out but decided it was probably a good idea to stop :)


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