April 2, 2012

Life at it's finest

This weekend was a weekend of repeats. I did the same thing over and over and over.

Hubby and I rented a car because we have our driving test this week (I think I'm gonna fail and this is Hubby's SECOND time so no pressure on me if I do)

I spent the weekend ....reversing around corners. Every corner I saw, I reversed around it. When I was taking my US driving test (at the baby age of 16), the scary thing was parallel parking, but in Ireland for me, it's reversing around the corner.

After numerous sessions where we may or may not have gotten into arguments about whose driving is better, because we had the car, I popped over to the Kildare outlets. My excuse? I need to "practice" driving more.  It's no Wrentham outlet (in Massachusetts!), but it has ruined old buildings so no complaints from me.

Ruins at the outlet mall (Kind of like my bank account after this mini excursion) 

Outlet Village 

After getting back, Hubby and I went and bought our grill! YEAH! We spent the weekend, grilling for lunch and dinner. Eat from grill, reverse around the corner, eat again, reverse again. Our lives are oh so exciting!

First ribs of the season! YUM! 


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