March 30, 2012

Helen's hen

A belated hen post! The hen was on Saturday and I've only just recovered from it today long enough to write this post... I'm kidding (but barely)

We started off very civilised for a sit down dinner at Odessa. A lovely spot where we had a small area of the restaurant.

We then moved to the bar area of Odessa and played the Mr. and Mrs. game which is one of my favorites. Our bride-to-be didn't know her groom at all and maybe answered 3 out of the 30 questions correctly. We were also requested to bring gifts that reminds you of the bride or that she can use for her marriage.

Here is the bride-to-be opening up the gift I brought her. She is sooo embarrassed (and so was I because I forgot the mothers were going to be there). You can kind of see here one of the gifts I gave her. There was another one that was much more non family safe. I won the prize for having the most inappropriate gift. AWESOME!

Apparently, no one else thinks giving smutty gifts is ok at a hen party

I was really impressed with the mothers. After Odessa, we left for Buck's. The mother of the groom...she stayed out with us until closing time at 5:30!!Impressive!

The bride-to-be and I. This was the best picture I could find of us after hours of dancing.
She really is this short.. I wish...she's practically kneeling in this picture just to be on my level :( 

We ended the night at a late night eatery after Buck's. I was invited back to the bride's house along with 2 other gals. We were having so much fun chatting we ended up squishing ourselves into her little bed which at the time seemed like a brilliant idea. Not so much walking up hungover with three girls lying on top of you in a tiny bed... 


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