March 26, 2012

Summertime in Dublin

It's real! It's here! Summertime hit Dublin this weekend. I hope it stays!

Hubby and I had a crazy going out weekend- me with the gals for a hen party and hubby with the boys for a night out. We did a small housing switcharoo where the boys stayed over at our house and the gals went out and stayed at my friend's house. I stayed up all night drinking, dancing and chatting with the gals so was sooo tired.

Hubby and I met back up on Sunday afternoon. We were both exhausted from our nights out but really wanted to enjoy the sun so we took the nicest nap out in the garden.

Summer dress, picnic blanket and reading materials in the sun 

View of the sky from my garden napping spot. Not a cloud in the sky!

Today is gorgeous as well. I hope the nice weather sticks around!


Kristen said...

I love that you had an adult sleepover! Is that popular in the UK? It seems we never do that in the U.S. Looks like it was a glorious spring day :) Thanks for sharing!


utran28 said...


I don't think it's that popular in general over here, but it worked because the fiance of the girl is Hubbys' BFF. It was really fun though! There were four gals sleeping over and we ended up squished into one bad because we wanted to chat all night :)

Hope you're well! x-Ly

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