February 9, 2012

Summer Holiday Dreaming

Hubby and I booked our summer trip to Italy this weekend, and I can't stop dreaming about it.... Food, wine and gelato in the sun? I can't wait!

We're going for hubby's best man's wedding, who has rented out a villa in Tuscany. Look at the villa. Swoon! If I had to redo my wedding in a completely different style then the one we had, I would definitely do it this way. AMAZING!



I'm also going to force hubby to go to two places with me while we're hanging out in the villa. 

Saturnia's thermal springs... I've never been in a thermal spring before. (I did pass by some in New Zealand, and I know they smell like rotten eggs from the sulphur. Can't wait!

AND... the Prada outlet. I was talking to the bride and she mentioned that there is one close to the villa. I'm saving my pretty pennies for this one (although I'm sure I'll be disappointed).

Aside from the wedding, we'll also be wandering the streets of Venice, Rome, Florence and Siena. (I know it's a lot of places in 9 days, but we get bored easily if we don't move around a lot). 

Have you been to Italy? Any recommendations? Let me know! 


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