February 8, 2012

Tuesday night dinner party

It was my turn to host the gals for dinner last night. I haven't cooked for them since August. I'm a bad friend.

Recently, I've been pinning away all kinds of gorgeous (and easy!) recipes to try with the gals and last night I attempted three different new recipes, plus one of my mother's old favourites.

I took pictures but I'm a terrible photographer. My pictures make my food look not-so-edible (even though it was!). Below are the recipes I tried out on the gals.

Appetizer- Carmelised Apple & Onion Mini tarts
These were really easy to make and tasted DELICIOUS! Not only did people go for seconds, they went for thirds. YUM!


Main meal - Com Tham Bi - Momma's recipe.
This is a traditional Vietnamese dish that features shredded pork over rice. I didn't have the pork chop on the side like the picture below. I seriously got repetitive stress issues in my wrist making this dish :)


Dessert 1 - Chocolate and Peanut Butter Banana Bites 
I made these over the weekend just because I wanted to try out the recipe. It was good and since it had bananas, also healthy, right? :) 


Dessert 2- Saltine Cracker Toffee
This is such an easy recipe to follow. I've made it on several occasions before and each time it's been received with welcome arms. I made so much and didn't want it around the house so sent them home with one of my friends for her roommates. Their reviews... "Divine", "Fantastic", "Best thing I've tasted in my life." No joke. They are that good. 


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