February 13, 2012

Life at it's finest

Another Monday morning post. It's nice and sunny today so my mood is much improved especially since I had such a lovely relaxing weekend. Things that make me happy...

Spicy Baked Green Beans.

I made these for lunch yesterday. They are yummy and pretty healthy. I really liked the crunch of these green beans. Hubby didn't enjoy them as much asking " Why are they covered in bread crumbs? Green beans are fine as they are". This coming from a boy who boils his potatoes, carrots and broccoli into oblivion. He's no food connoisseur. 

Car Shopping 

We went car shopping over the weekend. It was really fun and felt very grown up for some reason. I really want this...

But the need for a convertible in oh-so-sunny Ireland is really non-existent :( so I think we're leaning towards something more like this: 


A Honda Civic Hybrid. Even the background picture looks like Ireland. Unless it's a convertible, I really don't care too much what kind of car we get. I just want to pick the color (Silver or black). We're thinking we'll get one at the end of the month. Can't wait! 

Sunday Reading 
I spent all day Sunday on the couch watching bad tv and reading this


I'm half way through and it's pretty good. It's not as gripping as other books (Hunger Games, the help) that I've read recently, and it jumps back and forth between different time and places. I find myself flipping back often because I didn't pay careful attention the first time. I'm halfway through though and will keep ploughing on. 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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