January 20, 2012

Number 1

Woop! The factory has been voted the number one place to work (in the US).

It's true, I drink the kool aid (or rather Vita Coco coconut water), I really enjoy working here AND everything they say in the article is pretty true, we do get some amazing perks (such as my lovely breakfast of an egg omelet with tomatoes, mushrooms and TRUFFLE OIL). YUM!

I better go... I'm late for my massage...Kidding. I know I'm being a brat ;p

Want to join? Send me a comment. We're always looking for good people! 


rach said...

My husband would love to join google! Haha he drinks the kool aid and he doesnt even work there! I bet that places like that are super hard to get jobs at though! what kind of experience did you have to get a job with them?

utran28 said...

Hi Rach,

They take everything! I've got friends who majored in Spanish, English, Art History, etc.

The engineering roles are super hard during the interview process. I have a friend working here not as an engineer. He went to Stanford and studied engineering but he's afraid to interview for an engineering position!

Let me know if you want more info (utran28@gmail.com).

Erin said...

I just put in an application for the Dublin office and was thinking about also applying to the Boston office. Any advice?

utran28 said...


That is exciting! What position did you apply for? Want to send me a personal email so I can answer all your questions? utran28@gmail.com

Chat soon,

Valentineb said...


I pass everyday by the Google Building on my way to work..and I would love to be part of it!

Please let me know if there is anything.

PS. I love your blog!


utran28 said...

Hi Valentine!

Definitely take a look here and let me know if anything interests you.

I'll be happy to submit your resume if you send the job link to my email utran28@gmail.com.


Raluk said...


I started reading your blog when I first arrive in Dublin, 3 months ago.
Right now there is a job on Google offices in Dublin, that I think I may be good for, but I am intimidated by the hole idea of Google and I don't think I stand a chance in front of all the Irish man and woman that may want the same job.
What do you think, it was easy to get a job on Google?
Thank you,

utran28 said...

Hey Raluk,

I would say there is a pretty intensive interview/ review process to get a job at Google, but it's worth a shot!

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