January 18, 2012

Cop out!

Two decisions were made this week, and I'm totally copping out on my goals in life.

1. I may not run the entire half marathon in Paris- When I signed up at the end of November, I thought I had loads of time. With the holidays, I didn't run as much and now I've got five weeks to run 13 miles. I'm currently on 3.5 miles. I don't know if I'll be able to make it. Ekks. It may be a "walk/eat croissant/run/eat a crepe" situation.

2. I won't be getting a manual Irish driver's license - So when I moved here, my American license did not translate so I thought to myself "Since I have to take the test anyways, why don't I learn a new life skill and learn manual". Silly me! Those manual lessons were the worst hours of my life. So stressed- stalling at lights, teenage boys pointing and laughing at me (no lie). So this weekend, I forced asked Hubby if we can just get an automatic car so I don't have to learn and ta-da!, my magic worked. Automatic car = no stress! (Apparently though, the test is still really freaking hard. )

Do I feel bad about copping out? A little, but it's made my life 1000% less stressful so it's for the best! 


rach said...

I want to do the half marathon this may in limerick...i did the 10k last year so i figured the half wont be that bad? maybe? i should probably start training though! also- i had to learn stick shift as well...my MIL taught me. wrong side of the road/car and stick! it was interesting to say the least...i have my provisional but not my real license yet. its bugs me that my american one doesn't translate here! grrr! (not that it stops me from driving lol)

utran28 said...

Hate that our licenses don't translate! What a pain, right?

Definitely sign up for the half! (I say this as I'm considering bailing out. hahah).

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