November 2, 2011

We're legal!

It's official, Hubby and I are husband and wife! You're probably thinking... "obviously, we saw your wedding pics and you won't shut up about it", but wait...we had problems....

We went to get our marriage license in the town of Wolfeboro before the wedding. (It was the cutest town hall). See?

Town Hall 

We went in and filled out the paperwork and received an almost filled in marriage certificate. The only thing missing was that we had to get the officiant to sign it and send it in within six days.

The only problem with this....we didn't read the six days part. EKKS! We had our big day, went on the honeymoon and when I came back and read through the certificate, I realised we didn't mail it in on time. Oh lord! 

I finally spoke to the town hall today, and it's sorted. They were really nice and helpful and confirmed that we are officially married. Whew!


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