November 7, 2011


It's kind of funny that hubby and I went on a safari for our honeymoon when in reality neither of us really like animals. (We are not serial killers, I swear).

We saw the big five lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino and a whole slew of other animals. My two favorite animals were the warthog and the dik dik.

Warthogs are just soo cute! Because of the way they are built, they eat on with their front knees bent. Adorable. Dik Diks are a type of antelope. They are about the size of a cat. Imagine how cute that could be! I loved them, because they mate for life and you ALWAYS see two of them together. The only sad thing is that both of my favorite animals are rather skittish and so we didn't get great pictures of them. You'll have to settle for the pics below of some of the animals we got. Also, we debated between getting a real (SLR) camera and using our point and shoot, and while I did wish we had a better camera, the pics didn't turn out too badly.

* Please note there is one really saucy picture in this post.

Three cheetahs 

Leopard in a tree with it's dead prey (small gazelle) 


Tons of flamingos 

Ta-da! Hubby and a giraffe 

Posed :) 

Mama warthog and babies! 

Mama elephant and baby 

Hippo - This was taken using our friend's camera 

Lioness! Taken using our friend's camera. (Way better zoom then ours!) 

Fighting wildebeast 

Saucy picture. I debated on putting this up, but it's just too funny! 


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