November 2, 2011

First Honeymoon Post!

I've been stalling on writing up our honeymoon, because I was totally overwhelmed by all that we did. I just didn't know where to start! I'm going to try to break it out into different parts to make it easier to digest.

First stop, honeymoon camping - WAAY better then expected. I am not really sissy but the thought of going into the wild (my only camping experience was in my backyard as a child) was the tiniest bit intimidating, but I set my expectations VERY low and throughly enjoyed it!

Hubby and I did the Intrepid truck tour and had two different groups (week 1 and week 2). Everyone had to pitch in and clean and cook all the meals.

Below are some pics of the camping. By the end of the trip, Hubby and I had perfected the art of putting up a tent and taking it down in 8 minutes :)

Backpacker Chic! Ready for the camping

First time pitching the tent! 

Washing the dishes at our first camp site 

Sleep Sack, Insect Repellent and flashlight -Ingredients for a romantic honeymoon 

Onsite Spa 

This is how we dried dishes every FREAKING day...flapping them back and forth in the wind 


Our truck stopped at a picnic site for lunch 

Masai warriors guarding our tent from ELEPHANTS! 

Last time pitching the tent! 

In our little tent! 


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