July 25, 2011

Cluck Cluck

This weekend was my HEN party!!!! YEAH! BF's friends was forced by me conveniently also organised his stag this weekend as well. They headed to Kilkenny - the stag and hen capital of Ireland. I heard the safe and I'm sure censored version of the weekend on Sunday but I do know they put him in a terrible costume which looked like this. I have ONE picture of BF in this outfit but I think he would seriously hurt me if I posted it online...

The Only Gay in the Village- A character from Little Britain 

My hen could not have been more lovely! It started off with a lovely and lazy balcony lunch at my friend Michelle's. We grabbed some sandwiches at Donnybrook Fair (which carries PopTarts!) and sat soaking up the sun until the other gals arrived at her house. We had a lovely makeup artist come by and do all of our make up. She was awesome! Way better then my last make up trial. I wish I could pack her up in my suitcase for the wedding.

Getting my face done

She did a good job on the make-up, no?

My lovely come dine with me pals! 
The gals bought me a LOVELY purse pinata (Prada, of course) so we spent some time trying to break it while my poor friend Sarah offered to hold it (BRAVE) because we couldn't hang it anywhere.
Courageous Sarah
 A lovely surprise in the pinata
After getting ready, we headed to Diep le Shaker for some amazing Thai Food. It was sooo good! Even though my sister couldn't be there, she and baby Carson sent over bottles and bottles of Prosecco for my friends and I. That baby is such a lush!

After dinner the gals then held a Mister and Missus game. If you're not familiar they asked BF tons of questions and I had to see if our answers matched. Even after almost 10 years, I didn't get all of them right. EKKS! I also embarrassingly outed myself on some really terrible nicknames!

So embarrassed! 

Really funny funny game! Highly recommend for all Hen parties! 
 After dinner we headed to the Baggot Inn for some more cocktails and dancing

Always trying to work out! 

Convinced the gals to do lunges too! 
Finally, we headed over to Buck's which is a late night club. It couldn't have been more fun. There were a group of 25 to start, and most of us managed to keep it together even at this late hour.
Standing Strong- similar to what our vision was like after all the cocktails! 

It was an amazing night with AMAZING friends, and it makes me even MORE excited for the wedding! 


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