July 14, 2011

Little bride

Last night, I attempted to paint the wooden dolls, and I'm pretty happy with my results so far. I started with the little bride as she had very little details and she turned out pretty well. I haven't added her hair so she looks a bit like a boy at the moment. I also haven't added on details of her dress but I wanted to keep that a surprise for now. BF thought she is cute and commented on how great her arms look (I'm OBSESSED with making sure my arms look good in my wedding dress. HA! He knows me too well.)

Wish I had taken better pictures since you can't really see where her head starts here.
Side View 

Front View 

I started working on the groom, but he was hard! There are so many little details, and it was time to watch Teen Mom 2 make dinner so I put him aside for the weekend. I will update as soon as he's ready!


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