June 7, 2011

Wedding Loveliness

Although I've been mentioning that the wedding planning has caused some stress, to be 100% honest, it has been pretty smooth sailing. We booked things relatively easily and just have the little details to deal with.

Two fun wedding things have happened to me in the past two days.

I read endless wedding blogs and every once in awhile if I'm bored, I'll enter their giveaways. I never expect to win but lo and behold I received an email yesterday from Beantown Bride (see how I'm trying to hold on to my roots?) and BF and I won a little prize from one of their featured vendors, Pinhole Press. How exciting! I never win ANYTHING! And what have we won? Custom wine bottle labels- Perfect for each guest table. WOOP!

The second fun wedding thing that happened to me, I made a new wedding friend a couple of months ago while I was studying in France. She had just gotten engaged (getting married this August at the MOST gorgeous venue in Ireland) and loved talking about weddings so we became fast friends and update each other on the progress of our wedding planning often (even though she lives in London). We were discussing the wedding ceremony and I was saying just last week that I don't even know how to start tackling the ceremony reading. What arrives in the mail today from this lovely lady?

How lovely!? Or else, she's trying to tell me she loves me in which case slightly weird cause we have one more session in France together :) 


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