June 8, 2011

Sunny Dinner party

It was my turn to host our group dinner party this week, and I was TOTALLY uninspired. I love looking at food blogs and have a back log of recipes to try out, but my energy was sapped with the entertaining of the future in-laws.

Lucky for me, the work on the garden paid off because the gals barely noticed the food since we were able to sit out in the sun on the deck -sipping lovely glasses of wine (and mint water - with fresh mint from the garden!)

How bright and sunny? Lucky for us, the deck is a sun trap as it was quite chilly in Dublin yesterday. 

The menu for my dinner party included steamed shrimp dumplings (delicious and easy since I bought them pre-made from the Asian supermarket) and beef lettuce wraps -also really easy to make and so healthy. To make up for the lack of carbs and sugar, dessert was a make-your-own banana split extravaganza. This was my best genius moment! I was so lazy, I tricked them into making their own desserts :) 


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