June 6, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Ours is FINALLY growing! BF has been intent on making the garden nice but he doesn't really have a green thumb so his parents came up this weekend to help us pick out plants and give us tips on planting. Watering often was the key advice. You would think the stereotype of rainy Ireland would keep our plants alive but no dice! The other helpful advice for BF... remove the thin fabric film from the plant BEFORE you plant it in the ground. I nearly died laughing when his parents discovered that he had planted the plant WITH the fabric film on- There was no hope of survival for that poor thing!

Below are some before and after pics.

Before: Front buckets (That BF planted about 3 weeks ago)

After: My new front buckets! And my favorite work of art - my window box! 

Before - The right side of the garden. I HATE that bush 

During- TIMBER! Take it down! Take it down! 

After- Bright little flower bed without the atrocious bush! 

My little guest, who I'm obsessed with. This is our house gnome, but he wanted some time in the sun so I let him play by the mini tree which is about 6 inches tall. So cute! 


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