May 2, 2011


On Monday, after picking BF up from his friends house (He was in NYC for a boy's weekend), we met up with our wedding officiant to have dinner and talk about the wedding ceremony. The officiant is actually my best friend from high school (CUTE!) and so it was a lot more talking and eating then actually planning the wedding.

We headed to Lolita's Cocina and Tequila bar which just recently opened. It was really cool and hip inside and really entirely too dark (signs of old age?). We were greeted with this loveliness upon sitting down:

A steaming container of tequila. How cool is that? 

Dinner was great. Tacos and shrimp were eaten and when the bill came, a big ol' ball of sour apple cotton candy came with it. It was sprinkled with pop rocks too. YUM! 

Friends and cotton candy! 


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