May 3, 2011


In between food tastings, makeup and hair trials, dress fittings and engagement pictures, we also managed to head down to NYC for the weekend. I think I seriously clocked up about 1500 miles on the car and listened to the new Britney Spears song 6,325 times.

We met up with the baby and took him out for long walks along the Hoboken waterfront. This was the first time BF met Baby, and it was AWKWARD. He'd never held a baby before.

 No, Uncle BF...this is weird for me...

 Cuddles....aww...that's better. 

 You're so funny Aunty! 

Sisters along the Hoboken waterfront

Then we went into NYC to check out the High Line which my little sister INSISTED was going to be awesome. Basically it's a garden built on old rail road tracks. ooohh..exciting (can you sense the sarcasm?!?) It was a cute garden though and I can imagine a lovely place for New Yorkers to go to escape the city streets.
 City scape with mother and sisters along the High Line 

Flowers along the old train tracks 


K said...

I was laughing so hard when I read your first paragraph. My BF recently held a baby for the first time and it was incredibly AWKWARD. On his face was a mixture of terror and glee along with his desire to do well(aka, not drop the baby and not make him cry)! He did just fine in the end... and even held him a second time! :)

utran28 said...

Hi K,
We were walking down the street and I was trying to hand Carson over to BF and he was like... no not over concrete. HA! Boys are so funny!

I'm glad that your BF managed as well with the baby!!


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