May 5, 2011

Pampering Firsts

Although I love shoes and bags and clothes, I'm not much of a beauty girl. Maybe it's because I'm  naturally beautiful  lazy!! tee hee hee... Also, I can't justify spending money on nails and makeup when that money could be better spent on clothes or even better... take out pad thai!

But being all grown up (and prepping for the big day), I went for my first hair and make up trial, which consequently was the first time I've had my hair and make up done. There is a reason why I didn't do it before.... I look SO unnatural. Who is this fake person?  ekks....

And the hair is not me either... The back was ok and looks fine in this picture, but it was stuck to my head and the bangs in the front were just off. I can't explain what it would take to fix it though :( 

After that fiasco, my mom and I went home and scoured the internet (LOVE) and found amazing makeup and hair videos. With their help (and on the actual wedding day- help from my glamourous sister), we're going to do my hair and makeup. (Kate Middleton did and if it's good enough for a princess, it's good enough for me!)

On the plus side for beauty and make up firsts, I got my nails done last week on the insistence of my sister. I got the new shellac nails which is the IT thing apparently, and I think I'm obsessed! It makes my nails so shiny and is suppose to last for 3 weeks. Pretty and easy. Woop!


K∂riиє* Smith. said...

I have to say...I prefer you with no make up on or a light one ;)


utran28 said...

Aww. Thanks! I think makeup looks really strange on me so I'm testing out natural looks until September! xx-Ly

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