March 28, 2011

London Town

BF and I had a mini getaway this weekend to London to visit friends who just bought a fab new apartment.

We arrived on Friday evening and had a quiet enough night, just dinner and some drinks at their house. The new apartment is in Greenwich, and so on Saturday, BF and I walked over to the Old Royal Navy College and the Naval Museum and had a picnic breakfast because the weather was so lovely. (I know it doesn't look lovely in this picture, but trust me, it was!)

BF tip-toeing through the daffodils (I made him).

Entrance to the Navel Museum  

The museum was quite small to be honest, but since it was free admission, there were no complaints from me! We then headed up to the royal observatory. I was DELIGHTED to find out that this is where you can find the Greenwich Meridian, and this is where Greenwich mean time started. (I know I should have put two and two together, but I didn't) Plus, the fact that we were here during daylight savings weekend? A Geeky BONUS! 

 24 Hour Greenwich clock 

After the brief exploration of Greenwich, BF and I headed into town. I was going to meet up with a friend who was living in London and BF decided to skip out on all the wedding talk and meet up with us later. The last time I saw my friend, she and I were screaming the lyrics to Shakira on the roof deck of a bar in India on New Year's Eve two years ago so it was amazing to catch up! We had agreed to meet in Hammersmith since it was on the route of the Oxford Cambridge boat/crew race. Woop! It was actually really good fun. Great atmosphere and relatively warm. I think it helped that Nelle and I had consumed tons of Pimm's and one (maybe two) bottles of pink champagne :) To be 100% honest, we never turned around from the spot that you see below so we actually never even saw any boats!

After the race, we headed into town to meet up with BF's friends for dinner. We went to this AMAZING Malaysian restaurant (even though I wanted to Vietnamese). Did you hear about the riots in London this weekend? We were watching it on the news in the pub that we were at and decided to head down to Trafalgar Square to check it out. By the time we got there, it had died down quite a bit so not much to see to be honest. However, there were still TONS of police around. The picture isn't great, but here they are in their shiny jackets.


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