March 22, 2011

Silver Service

My week in France wasn't focused only on training and work, we got to play a little bit too! We were there for a couple of nights and we got to go go-cart racing. Have you done this before? It was ok fun. I didn't feel the need for speed therefore causing my team to end up in last place, but I did look amazingly HOT doing it.

We had a special St. Patrick's day as well. We were taken to this amazing chateau with a MOAT! I had never seen a moat before and it made me feel super fancy :)

The Moat! It's amazing, isn't it? 

Special wine tasting with champagne and amuse bouche. Fancy name for appetizers, but I love the translation of this- Amuse mouth! Yes, please I'll have another. 


Fancy restaurant with Shamrock ears. You can't take me anywhere.  

Patriotic dessert from the French restaurant. CUTE!  


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