March 30, 2011

Almost Famous

BF and I headed to the Aviva Stadium after work yesterday for a soccer football match. It was a friendly between Ireland and Uruguay. We got really cheap tickets and since I had never been to the stadium, we decide why not (even though it was a Tuesday night and would finish past our bedtime).

 View of the stadium from our seats 

Since the seats were cheap, they were pretty crappy. We sat right behind the goal so spent the whole match straining to see what else was going on down the field. Also, there were FIVE goals during the match and only one happened at our end :( boo...The plus side, since we were right behind goal, we assumed we might be on TV if there was a goal. We had recorded the match and rushed home to see if we made it on TV. After 15 minutes of rewinding and fast forwarding (and a couple times thinking that we were two little kids in the front row), we found ourselves!  I wish I could show you, but you would have to squint really hard :)

So close! 


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