February 17, 2011

No turning back!

A couple weeks ago I sent out our Save the Dates and I'm not gonna lie, it was a tad scary. BF and I have been pals for YEARS and YEARS to come (hopefully), but it was just very FINAL when the postcards left my hands and fell into the mailbox. EKks!

However, it's making things more real and the planning is going into crazy mode. We wanted Save the Dates that were cute, but not very wedding-y. I found a great idea in the December issue of TheKnot magazine when I was home and thought it was perfect. - Vintage postcards from the wedding location! 

The magazine suggested getting the postcards from Cafepress, but I was hoping to find it for somewhere cheaper, and I wanted the actual JPEG image so I could take it to the Irish version of Staples to get it printed. I used my trusty pal- Google- and found Cardcow.com. They're awesome! They have a huge collection of vintage postcards and can scan and send it over to you for a fiver. Amazing! 

Here's what they looked like printed. Pretty cool, right? The guy working at the printing shop was impressed at how much it looked like a real postcard too. 

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