February 18, 2011

The Little Things

You know when little things can make your day? I had that kind of day yesterday where it was just turning up roses for me. 

It started early. Finished with my AM gym session, I went down to the cafeteria and found my favorite drink! That would have been enough to make my day. 

However, when I got to my desk, I found these bad boys there: 

Smut magazines... from the US (no less!). My friend was over for work and brought them back for me. 

It continued though since I had a CDWM dinner. We hadn't had a full one in ages as two of the gals were traveling in Australia (jealous!). We had great food and wine and then ended up being silly. I'm not sure how to explain this or why my friend had seven little pigs in her house, but we were dying of laughter over it.  

Full and content, I went home and had fun mail- a check from the Irish government for extra taxes I had paid. AMAZING!


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