February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you're having a lovely Valentine's Day, dear readers! Any good plans?

BF and I decided that we wouldn't do anything crazy to celebrate and just went for a long walk at the weekend, went shopping and watched some rugby.

I'll leave you with some adorable images from our wedding photographer (which we booked this weekend!)

All Photos by Summer Street Photography

Aren't they so cute? It was really hard to chose wedding photographers as it was one of the most important things to us me (BF thought they all looked the same which is not true!). We ended up hiring Summer Street Photography located in Massachusetts. They are this cute couple who work together and are getting married in June (in the place we initially wanted to get married). We haven't met them yet, but have built up a great rapport so I can't wait to meet them in April when we're home! 


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