February 12, 2011

The clutch... put down the clutch!!!!!

That's what the driving instructor kept screaming at me during my first driving lesson today. Oh man.  It was so stressful. Even though I've been driving for 13 years, I felt like I'd never been behind the wheel before. Thankfully, thirty minutes into our two hour lesson, things improved. I got the hang of changing gears and even ended up on the dual carriageway. YEAH!

My driving nemesis though will be red lights. I stalled about 50,000 times - so awkward and embarrassing! Every single time I got close to a red light, I prayed and prayed it would change colour so I wouldn't stall. I'm going to have to practice a TON more since apparently the pass rate for the Irish driving test in Dublin is less the 40%. EKKS! 


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