January 1, 2011

J Day

Yesterday, I headed into Boston to hang out with some pals from different parts of my life (college, after college roomie, work friend) and strangely enough all their names began with J! (Jackie, Jasmine, Jenny). It's a requirement to be my friend apparently. Another requirement- the love of food!

I met Jackie in Cambridge for Breakfast at this lovely little Turkish breakfast cafe. How yum does that look!

With breakfast barely digested, I headed over to Brookline to meet my friend Jasmine at our most favorite sushi restaurant.  Looks like a cocktail, tastes like tuna. I seriously could devour fifty of these glasses in one sitting.

I had some time before meeting Jenn for dinner, so headed to one of my most favorite spots - the Natick Mall. I could spend hours just walking around in that place. Unfortunately, I only had two so I had to take it all in quickly. After enjoying the mall, I headed over to my friend Jenn's house for Chinese take out. Love, love, love.

Today, we spent all day visiting and trying out wedding caterers. My wedding dress diet seriously needs to start ASAP!


Jackie said...

Happy to be a j day participate!

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