December 29, 2010


My mother and I went cake tasting this morning at the most amazing little bakery in New hampshire.  Look at some of the previous cakes they have made. Can you believe they are cakes?

A wedding lobster pot

Chinese Take Away

A whole FREAKING Lighthouse- Sooo amazing

The chef was sooo lovely and brought out so many different cakes for us to taste. To be honest, it was really overwhelming- buttercream frosting with black cherry filling? Chocolate cake with lemon curd? After like fifty bites, I couldn't tell the difference anymore, but we settled on some flavors.

First Tier- Vanilla cake with chocolate ganche and raspberry filling
Second Tier- Chocolate cake with Irish Bailey's cream filling (BF represents!)
Third Tier- Vanilla cake with Black Cherry filling ( I thought it was weird too, but it was AWESOME!)

Mother after all the cake tasting


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