January 18, 2011

Fishy Feet

This weekend, some gal pals and I decided that we needed to treat ourselves to get over the January blues. What better way then to get a fish pedicure, right? Riiiight. We went to Sole Therapy in St. George's arcade, and it was a weird and unrelaxing experience.

The place is cute, and there were actually a lot of people who stopped in to try out this treat.  Essentially, you stick your feet in a tank and they EAT YOUR DEAD SKIN. I die. Sooo weird.

This was the general reaction from all of us. EKKS!

Once you settle in, it doesn't feel that different then a bubbling foot bath. However, when you look down, fish are eating your feet!!! It definitely felt like there were tons of fish just nibbling away. The weirdest part is when they get in between your toes. EKKKS!!!

While it was strange, it did leave our feet feeling super soft. After that freakish experience, we needed to calm our nerves so off to Saba for cocktails! :)


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