January 24, 2011

ahh...oui oui....bonjour...au revoir

That's about the extent of my French after 7 years of studies...Pathetic, I know. It will do me no good this week while I'm in France.

I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was accepted to a part time executive-baby-MBA-type program at the amazing INSEAD school in France for the year.  We have intensive classes for a full week three times this year, and I'm here in Fountainbleu for the start of the program this week. 

It's actually a really strange experience because I feel like I just started freshman year all over again...trying to make new friends, being scared to eat by myself, making sure we walk in packs to class :) I've got one day down so far. It's strange to take notes and be in a classroom setting - such a change from my normal life.

I'm off to do HOMEWORK (!!!!!), but expect some non-wedding updates from me this week! :) 
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